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Бойфренд Адель рэпер Stormzy снял эффектный клип в Киеве

12.12.2019, 14:17 160
переглянути галерею
Stormzy - Audacity - смотреть клип онлайн

Stormzy экранизировал трек "Audacity". Смотри клип талантливого британца онлайн на Люкс ФМ.

26-летний британский рэпер Stormzy, которому приписывают роман с певицей Адель, выпустил второй клип, снятый в украинской столице.

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Ролик полностью созданный киевской командой, кроме исполнителей и режиссерской группы. Об этом рассказала продюсер Дарья Дерягина. Эффектный клип подготовили всего за 4 дня, а сняли - за 17 часов.

Среди столичных локаций для видео выбрали Дарницкий мост и Выдубичи, а сами события разворачиваются ночью.

Напомним, первый свой клип в Киеве Stormzy снял совместно с британской певицей Джорджей Смит в 2018 году.

Stormzy - Audacity - смотреть клип онлайн



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Stormzy - Audacity - слова песни

It's like
You niggas audacious

[Chorus: Stormzy]
I roll out with no cash on me
Calm now with no mash on me
Stay away from these ashy youts
'Fore they come around and get ash on me
That's five thousand capacity
Five thousand capacity
Then spread that over the U.K and then add it up and get back to me
You pussyholes are not bad for me
Mad man, they go mad for me
Who the fuck went an' gassed you up
Like you're good enough to be clashin' me?
Oh please, stop harrassin' me
Charge me up and put gas in me
Them likkle fish want to try a ting
Oh man, the audacity

[Verse 1: Stormzy]
I got girl in my inbox sendin' me eyes
Livin' on the edge to the end of our lives
Wolf in a sheepskin tellin' me lies
Sometimes I love when my enemy dies
Woo, so ahead of my time
Mainstream boy starts lettin' off lie
We can never, ever, ever level in price
Take that fee, and then treble it twice, yeah
The problem's back, I got flows
Watch your back, I'm on smoke
Dodge the paps and do boat
My boys are maximum boast
Ain't no time to bly man
Know my ting from here to Thailand
You man got that gun off my man
So you man got that gun on finance
Like what's this rented skeng, buy your own
Use my pen to skeng-fry your dome
Want me to send for them, mind the throne
Cliché rep it, end dies alone
Cliché run your guns and die broke
I don't buy in ones, I buy bulk
Yeah, go and bust your gun, I like smoke
Rude boy, mind ya lungs, you might choke
Like cough-cough, puff-puff, pass
You're not tough or hard
They callin' me the virgin Mike
How the Hell I bust so fast?
Rude boy, I came and shook my whole era
No cosigns for me and no carers
2019 and I swear I'm goin' clearer
Draw from the dead MC's like pallbearer

[Chorus: Stormzy]

[Verse 2: Headie One]
Had to sign this 'caine, no Harry
Now my track suit says Balmain, Paris (One)
Smoke on bro, no Cali
So you better stay well back, Danny (One)
Oh, now he got beef (One) in the streets and I thought (One) it'd only be in my patty (Turnt)
'Cause I learned how to work this handy, knowledge is power, ask Gandhi (Turnt, turnt, turnt)
I was with the bro in Jennifer Anni's
I told her I'm tryna be the best I can be (Turnt, turnt, turnt)
Next day, I go end up on the opp block
Like who's on me, Charlie?
Come off the wing like Andros Townsend (Turnt)
I bought her a new hanny and it cost four thousand (Turnt, turnt)
Kept, kept close, paigons wanna out me (Turnt, turnt, turnt)
They want me in a box like chicken chow mein
I wonder why opps wanna try me
White feds put me in court and trial me
Bad B's get bored and dial me
Ask for a go, tell them Lizz, I'm like, "Shall we?"
Laid back, but still rowdy
Same youts from throwbacks still 'round me
Funny how my old tings still shout me (What)
Oh, 'low me
Roll out, an' so casually
I'm poppin' up in cities randomly
London City or Birmingham, I just done 100 through Canterbury (Turnt)
No security, I could have a 20 in cash on me (Turnt)
Camden can't believe I'm lege, so they're in the house like they're Ali G (Turnt, turnt, turnt)

[Chorus: Stormzy]

[Outro: Stormzy]
Oh man, the audacity
Oh man, the audacity
Oh, it's a catastrophe
I change the game drastically
Big Mike cut down Glastonbury (Big man)
Flashbacks from Glastonbury (Woo)
Love it when it all comes back to me
Telling lies, not facts on me
I roll out with no spesh on me
God's son, this is flesh on me
Stay away from these paigon youts
Cah many men, they wish death on me
When Banksy put the vest on me
Felt like God was testin' me
When Banksy put the vest on me
Felt like God was testin' me