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15 октября, 18:03
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Евгений Кот о "Танцах со звездами", своих известных партнершах и танец с Деминым
27 сентября, 15:17

Thunder - East 17

When the thunder calls you
From a mountain high
It's time to spread your wings and fly
When the thunder calls you
Under purple sun
To the place where horses run

When I saw your face
I knew you were the one
In a sky that's filled with rain
A ray of sun
I called you on the phone
Said "You're happy on your own"
When I heard your body cry
For my love
Your body's calling me
Your body's calling
I think I'm falling

A picture in my mind
A vision in a dream
When the storm destroyed
The bridge I walked across
Have you ever felt alone
When you stood within a crowd
On a path you thought you knew
But feel alone

I'm all confused, like a child with a choice of toy
So much to gain, so much to lose
Like a pain you endure more than enjoy
I guess I'm going crazy, everyone's telling me so
Do you feel the same?
Well that's all I need to know

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