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Внешность обманчива: модель с телом женщины и лицом мужчины шокирует с первого взгляда

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10.08.2017, 14:17 584
переглянути галерею
Модель Рейн Дав | instagram

Гендерная модель Рейн Дав сломает все ваши стереотипы и представления об этом мире.

В детстве эту девушку из Техаса называли Tranny Danny (Дэнни-трансуха). К счастью она еще не знала значения этих слов и не нажила лишних комплексов.

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А в свои 26 Рейн Дав достигла настоящего успеха. Благодаря шокирующим природным данным девушка стала бигендерной моделью, которая за считанные секунды превращается из женщины в мужчину.

Рейн пропагандирует индивидуальность, уникальность и право на собственный путь в жизни.

Вы только посмотрите на ее фото, на которых модель в разных образах. Это же фантастика!

When walking home in a dress at night, I leave my headphones around my neck so that I can be aware of all the things around me because I often will experience catcalling, physically violent transphobic attacks or appear more vulnerable for predators. I wait until the train/bus to sit back to my favorite tunes. But when walking in (as labeled) "men's" shorts and a collared shirt I can put on my headphones/Rozebuds and listen to music every step of the way because I feel safe and confident. Same person. Same color scheme of clothing. Same night. Different treatment. It's not right. I'm not a victim by any means- but I am a bit miffed at this inequality. --------------------------------------- (This insight and post was sponsored by Rozebuds- a budding company that created these cool wireless headphones that also turn into a necklace. This IS a paid post and 60% of the $ will be going to the metropolitan LGBTQ+ youth homeless shelter in honor of Pride Month. If you want to learn more about their creative product then check my IG stories this week or click the link in bio. If you DO decide "Hey these are cool I want to buy some" then use the link in the bio and I will donate $9 for every pair directly to homeless youth. Thanks @hellorozebuds !) #EducateDontHate #SleepWalker #WhenThingsGoBumpInTheNightAndYouDontWantThemTo #lgbt #qpiadkh #genderfluid #gendercapitalism #tookthemidnighttraingoinganywhere #rozebuds #BreezingBetweenMyLegsInADress photo @thejoecardamone style @kirkir_demmy

Допис, поширений Rain Dove (@raindovemodel)

Same person but when I am perceived as "male" and am purchasing "skin care" products often I get an odd look, asked if the product is for my GF, or at times in the past I even get laughed at by interested dating prospects. However if I am perceived as "female" salespeople literally will try to shove these products into my hands. Insisting that as a "woman" I need to prevent against the signs of aging. In the fashion world especially I am constantly told to maintain a skin routine because aging = career death. (To be fair I don't use skin care products- and often AM purchasing them for someone else haha) ------------------------------------- I am so torn on this one as a "Gender Capitalist". It seems either way I'm perceived I lose. On one hand "Women" are told that the natural process of their body changing is ugly and bad. They are charged a ton of money to fight against this via beauty creams and cosmetics. It's very expensive to be a "female". But yet as a "man"- while I'm told that aging is sexy and I get to have the self confidence- I am ridiculed for nurturing myself. I let my body degrade, skin tear and sag, literally because I am told that to take care of it is for sissies. One sex perception leads to ability to self nurture through diet/routine/intake which can allow for potential better longevity and vitality (cosmetics and creams aside ahem). The other leads to confidence and thousands of dollars in savings. What do you think? #purpletale #5StepsFacial #FACEthetruth #lovetheskinyourein #CaughtInTheMiddle #gendercapitalism #genderfluid #genderdoesntrulyexist #lgbt #qpiadkh #facialwithpurpletale (this shoot was funded by @hellopurpletale. $ is donated to LGBTQ Metropolitan Youth Shelter. Because that's how we do it!) shot by AJ Mattioli from @wordsthefilm

Допис, поширений Rain Dove (@raindovemodel)

There are things people often think I am that ARE "commonly most advantageous" & usually safest (in my personal experience). Here is the list in order! (also race is added in there because it factors into the perception of the "gender" big time) . 1) Hetero Cis White Male- 2) Gay Cis White Male- 3) Cis White Lesbian/Bisexual- 4) Any Sexuality White Trans Male- 5) Hetero Cis White Female- 6) Any Sexuality White Trans Female. WHY?! Find out as I literally strip down in @stylelikeu most recent video- and share a bit of my story. If you're interested the link is in my bio. Id love to hear your story too so feel free to always DM! #IAmWhatsUnderneath #lovetheskinyourein #thenakedtruth #lgbtqpiadkh #lgbtq #genderfluid #pffffftgenderisbasicallymakebelieve

Допис, поширений Rain Dove (@raindovemodel)

Same person, same outfit cost and color, same day- different perceived worth. I took to the streets of LA/Seattle and asked people "How much money do you think I have in my bank account right now?" While wearing each outfit. The answers were drastically different. In the collared shirt and pants most people thought I had $10-20,000 in my account. But in the dress they said $1-5000. ---------------------------------- When I asked why people thought I only had $1-5,000 in my account while in a dress the two most common responses were "Well, you're trans right? So don't statistics say that trans people are typically poorer?" Or "As a girl you're not ugly but with your short hair and face you definitely look alternative. I just kinda thought maybe it isn't easy for someone who looks like you to get a job? Like customer service wise?" ----------------------------------- So to be seen as worth more I'll wear the look on the left. And work hard to lift up the people who wear the look on the right so maybe the perceptions change. ----------------------------------- #EducateDontHate #MilkMilkLemonade #animalkingdom #gendercapitalism #lgbtq #piadkh #genderreveal #wearenotgender #wearesomethingmorecomplexandnonhomogenous #frolicfrolic [email protected] [email protected] thrift store (donated back at the end of the project)

Допис, поширений Rain Dove (@raindovemodel)

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